Dr. Farah Ahmed

Corporate Wellbeing Consultant and General Practitioner

Dr. Farah Ahmed is a General Practitioner with 15 years experience working in Corporate and Private Clinics in the UAE, Qatar and Trinidad and Tobago.

She holds postgraduate qualifications in both Family Medicine (Diploma in Family Medicine (UWI) and MRCGP [INT]) and Occupational Medicine (MSc. Occupational Medicine from the University of Manchester, UK).

She is very interested in preventative health and provides health and well-being consultations that encourages a holistic approach to care on a tele-wellness platform. Through these consultations, clients gain more insight into health, mental health and learn how their work and social situations affect their well-being. Clients are then guided towards a path of better health by exploring all aspects of well-being.

Dr. Farah Ahmed was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. She earned an MBBS degree and a first Family Medicine qualifications from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. In her early years as a doctor, she worked in Internal Medicine at a public hospital at home and then spent 2 and 1/2 years in Emergency Medicine. Due to her passion in finding and treating root causes of illness, she moved into Primary Care and started her journey in Corporate Health Promotion within the private sector at home in 2009.

In 2012, Dr. Farah took a bold step out of her little island and moved to the UAE. She then joined GMC Clinics where she worked as a Hotel Doctor and a School Doctor for more than 2 years. After this experience, she started her own health and wellbeing business at home and collaborated with Ocean Rose Clinic to provide Occupational Health support to various factories and hotels. In 2018, she moved to Qatar and worked as the Medical Director for a private clinic. Having successfully worked on the policies to register this new clinic, she moved back to her own business full time in 2019. During her time in Qatar she also held a locum position at Qatar Fertiliser.

Due to family commitments, she is now back in the UAE and was employed at Emirates Airlines for 6 months as a locum doctor in their Occupational Medicine Department.  She now joins Medi Sense Clinic due to a shared vision. Dr. Farah practices the health and well-being she preaches and genuinely wishes the best for those around her.