MediSense Clinic’s team is offering highest quality services integrated in our Cardiology Department.

  • General cardiological consultations: including non-invasive procedures such as 24 hours BP monitoring, 24 hours Holter monitoring, Treadmill (Stress Test), cardiac 2D echo, etc.
  • Cardiological preventive check-ups: evaluation of the short and lifelong cardiovascular risk score, laboratory and other investigations as recommended by Cardiologist Specialist from case to case, considering the age, gender, previous personal and family medical history, and consultation’s findings.
  • Services on identifying cardiovascular risk factors or known cardiological conditions: hypertension, dyslipidemia, cardiac valvular disease, congenital heart diseases, rheumatic heart disease, fainting (syncope), fluctuating blood pressures, etc.
  • Heart problems associated with other medical diseases: diabetes, rheumatism, kidney or lung diseases, etc.
  • Support for occupational health-related cases.