About Us

Executive Summary

Medi Sense Clinic was established with a noble mission: to support the community and assist Corporates in achieving their Occupational Health & Safety goals. Serving as a convenient one-stop shop, the clinic addresses all essential occupational medicine needs in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner. In addition to this, Medi Sense Clinic also aims to cater to the general medicine requirements of both Corporates and individuals.

Unlike many other major medical providers in the UAE market, Medi Sense Clinic places a strong emphasis on preventive medicine, ensuring the well-being and welfare of individuals in a workplace environment concerning Occupational Health & Safety. The primary focus is to create a secure and healthy work atmosphere while safeguarding co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and others who may be affected by workplace conditions. This aligns perfectly with the clinic’s core values.

The significance of Occupational Health and Safety is well-understood, originating from moral, legal, and financial considerations. Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees, as mandated by regulatory bodies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or specific laws such as the UAE’s Federal Law 8/1980. Furthermore, businesses benefit from maintaining a corporate policy that prioritizes employee well-being.

Medi Sense Clinic takes a proactive approach to Occupational Health, helping Corporates minimize employee injuries and illnesses. This approach leads to significant cost reductions in medical care, sick leave, disability benefits, and related expenses. Within the domain of Occupational Medicine, a specialized field, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of screening examinations tailored to the unique demands of various industries. The goal is to identify potential health issues and provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment, if necessary. In essence, Occupational Medicine is a medical discipline dedicated to diagnosing, managing, and preventing diseases that are caused or exacerbated by workplace factors.


Medi Sense Clinic is a polyclinic committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care across a wide range of services. Our offerings include Occupational Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Mental and General Wellness Medicals, General Medicine, Adult Vaccination and Travel Medicine, Cardiology, Laboratory, Radiology, and Homecare services, among others.

Originally established as Dr. Adnan Mohd Qaddaha Clinic in 1981, our facility underwent a transformation in 2021, evolving into a polyclinic that now offers the aforementioned specialties. Our mission is to cater to the healthcare needs of corporate clients and their families, as well as individual patients in the United Arab Emirates and across GCC countries, with a particular focus on Occupational and Preventive Medicine.

Our goal at Medi Sense Clinic is to provide a comprehensive suite of medical services characterized by exceptional quality and safety. We aim to offer medical services for corporate clients and their families, offering a singular solution to all their healthcare needs, thereby minimizing medical leaves, enhancing workforce productivity, and reducing lost working hours.

Located in the heart of Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, within The Curve Building (Entrance C, Level 1, Offices 23 to 26), our clinic spans approximately 5000 sqft. It is designed to offer a welcoming atmosphere for our customers. Conveniently accessible by various modes of transportation, including private and public options, we ensure ease of access for all our clients.

Your Choice for Medical Services


A leading team with more than 20 years of experience in Occupational Medicine and the healthcare sector, Medi Sense Clinic is committed to offer services with highest professional standards in the medical sector.

With an in-house DHA Licensed Occupational Medicine Specialist, OGUK and Norwegian certified Doctor, Bermuda-approved medical Doctor and MCA – ENG1 approved medical Doctor, Medi Sense Clinic will be able to serve all types of industries, including off-shore medicals.

Medi Sense Clinic has a dedicated and experienced Medical Team, with years of expertise in Occupational, General Medical, Cardiology, and other medical specialties, working with professionalism and dedication.

The in-house basic laboratory services, with accurate and prompt results, helps doctors in deciding the correct diagnostics for their patients and will serve to provide medical reports and results in a timely manner, subsequently being able to provide the correct treatments and recommendations within each specialty.


Medi Sense Clinic’s Vision is to become the preferred partner for the local and international corporate clients and their families, not only for the occupational health-related services but also for the other medical services provided within its scope of work, with a focus on maximum clients’ satisfaction and by offering services at the highest standards of quality and safety, to improve and develop continuously.

Medi Sense Clinic is committed to:

  • Understand and meet the requirements of its customers and strive to enhance their satisfaction.
  • Apply the local, federal, international related rules and regulations and corporate requirements while strictly implementing, maintaining, and developing strong Quality, Health, and Safety Management Systems.
  • Establish, implement, monitor, continuously improve and review the Quality Management System through a set of Work Instructions, Standard Procedures, KPIs, measurable Objectives, and Targets.
  • Enhance updated and evidence-based technological services.
  • Continuously improve staff knowledge and professionalism and ensure that all employees are familiarized and compliant with the documented Quality System and competent in performing their assigned duties.