About Us

Medi Sense Clinic is designed to be a dedicated and caring polyclinic, with various services, including Occupational Medicine, Preventive Medicine, General Medicine, Mental and General Wellness Medicals, Adult Vaccination and Travel Medicine, Cardiology, Laboratory, Radiology, Homecare services etc.

Medi Sense Clinic was formerly known as Dr. Adnan Mohd Qaddaha Clinic, a General Medical Clinic open in the United Arab Emirates since the year 1981, and was re-established in the year 2021 as a Polyclinic, with the specialties as mentioned above, to serve the corporate clients and their families, as well as the private patients within the region and those in transit through Dubai or those in the GCC Countries.

The core service of the re-established Polyclinic is Occupational Medicine. Still, its focus is to similarly develop all the other departments as support for Occupational Medicine services and individual specialties. 

The vision of Medi Sense Clinic and its partners is to create unique dedicated high quality and safety level medical services under one umbrella, available for all categories of possible clients, but mainly focusing on the corporate clients and their families, to have a one-stop service for all their medical concerns, and to reduce in such way the number of medical leaves, incapacitated working force and loss of working time and productivity.

With the clinic built up in an area of ~ 5000sqft, the clinic offers a unique ambiance for its customers and clients.

Your Choice for Medical Services


Leading team with more than 18 years of experience in Occupational Medicine and generally in the healthcare sector, the services rendered at Medi Sense Clinic are committed to offer the highest professional standards in the medical industry.

With an in-house DHA Licensed Occupational Medicine Specialist, OGUK, and Norwegian certified Doctor, Bermuda approved Medical Doctor, Medi Sense Clinic can serve all types of industries, including off-shore medicals.

Medi Sense Clinic has a dedicated and experienced Medical Team with years of expertise in Occupational, General Medicine, Cardiology, Corporate Wellness and other medical specialties, working with professionalism and dedication.

The in-house basic laboratory services, with accurate and prompt results, help doctors to decide the correct diagnostics for their patients and provide medical reports and results promptly, subsequently providing the right treatments and recommendations within each specialty.


Medi Sense Clinic’s Vision is to become the preferred partner for the local and international corporate clients and their families, not only for the occupational health-related services but also for the other medical services provided within its scope of work, with a focus on maximum clients’ satisfaction and by offering services at the highest standards of quality and safety, to improve and develop continuously.

Medi Sense Clinic is committed to:

  • Understand and meet the requirements of its customers and strive to enhance their satisfaction.
  • Apply the local, federal, international related rules and regulations and corporate requirements while strictly implementing, maintaining, and developing strong Quality, Health, and Safety Management Systems.
  • Establish, implement, monitor, continuously improve and review the Quality Management System through a set of Work Instructions, Standard Procedures, KPIs, measurable Objectives, and Targets.
  • Enhance updated and evidence-based technological services.
  • Continuously improve staff knowledge and professionalism and ensure that all employees are familiarized and compliant with the documented Quality System and competent in performing their assigned duties.