Our Founders

Dr. Adnan Kaddaha

Dr. Adnan Kaddaha is a prominent figure in the medical field and has played a key role in establishing various healthcare institutions. He is a founding member/ partner/ shareholder of Medi Sense Clinic, where he currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Medical Practitioner.

As a founder of Cedars–Jebel Ali International Hospital, Dr. Adnan Kaddaha’s contributions to the medical sector have been significant. While the shares of Cedars–Jebel Ali International Hospital were acquired by Aster Group, he remains a shareholder at Aster Cedars Hospital. Dr. Kaddaha’s commitment to medical education and training is evident through establishing the Cedars Training Center. This center offers comprehensive training programs in Basic Life Support (BLS), firefighting, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and more.

With vast experience and expertise in Internal Medicine and Clinical Cardiology, Dr. Adnan Kaddaha has held distinguished positions and achieved numerous accomplishments in the medical field over the period of his vast experience.

Driven by his passion for advancing medical knowledge and practices, Dr. Adnan Kaddaha has dedicated himself to transforming the region from being solely a healthcare services consumer to becoming a hub of healthcare knowledge and innovation in the field of medical sciences.

Dr. Laura Tepelus

Dr. Laura Elena Tepelus possesses exceptional expertise in the field of Occupational Medicine, establishing her as a highly skilled professional. Within the realm of Medi Sense Clinic, she is a founding member/ partner/ shareholder and holds the position of Managing Director, assuming overall responsibility for the clinic’s operations and business. Her leadership is characterized by a steadfast commitment to the clinic’s interests, prioritizing quality services and implementing processes that drive continuous improvements.

Dr. Tepelus leads the Medi Sense Team in achieving the clinic’s mission and goals, consistently upholding the highest standards of business conduct. She demonstrates unwavering dedication to the clinic’s interests, spearheading efforts to attain relevant local and international accreditations. Through these endeavors, she strategically positions Medi Sense Clinic as a trusted provider of superior health services.

As a catalyst for growth, Dr. Laura Tepelus actively identifies potential business opportunities, fosters relationships with stakeholders, and secures valuable contracts for the clinic. Leveraging her extensive expertise in Occupational Medicine, acquired over a span of 20-plus years, along with her previous experience as a Medical Director and management member, she contributes invaluable insights to strategic decision-making processes crucial for the success of Medi Sense Clinic.

Mr. Rajeev Nair

Mr. Rajeev Nair is an indispensable figure and founding member/ partner/ shareholder at Medi Sense Clinic, bringing extensive expertise in Business Development within the Healthcare Sector, particularly in Occupational Medicine. With a rich history spanning two decades in the medical arena, he serves as the Executive Director, infusing the clinic with profound knowledge and proficiency.

At the forefront of his responsibilities lies the cultivation of relationships with stakeholders, contract negotiations, and safeguarding the best interests of Medi Sense Clinic. Leading the charge in Business Development, he drives growth, fosters client relations, and provides strategic direction for identifying new sales and marketing opportunities. His oversight of marketing campaigns and unwavering support for the sales team ensure the attainment of revenue targets.

Furthermore, in his capacity as Admin In-charge, Mr. Rajeev Nair adeptly manages critical administrative functions encompassing Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, and Procurement departments, ensuring their seamless operations. His mastery in these domains contributes to the clinic’s efficient functioning. Mr. Rajeev Nair’s substantial contributions to Medi Sense Clinic are instrumental in its advancement and overall achievements.