Occupational Medicine

Under Occupational Medicine Specialty
MediSense Clinic is providing
a variety of services :

  • Occupational health consultations: Including pre-employment medicals, periodical medicals, deployment medicals, return to work medicals, occupational health-related screenings, investigation of the causes of occupational impairment of health.
  • OEUK medicals, MCA ENG medicals, Bermuda medicals, Carnival UK medicals, seafarers medicals
  • Preventive medical services: A large proportion of diseases and disorders, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and colon cancer, are preventable. Many modifiable health risks such as lack of exercise, poor nutrition, obesity, stress, and smoking are associated with increased healthcare costs.
  • Wellness programs: Either individual or corporate wellness programs and plans are developed for each patient/ corporate client, considering all requirements and based on gender, age, and job type. Under this category, evaluation starts from executive medicals, general medical screenings, as part of preventive medical services and can be extended to specifically designed corporate wellness programs, including the physical health aspect and the mental health, environmental, and family requirements.
  • General medical services: Including the diagnostic and treatments of acute diseases, management of chronic diseases, general screenings and treatments, etc.
  • Travel medicine and adult vaccination programs: For employees and their families, traveling either for business or personal purposes or for those who want to keep their routine vaccination up to date, as per World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC recommendations.
  • Mental health support: for employees and corporate programs for management of stress in the workplace.