OGUK Medicals

Due to the remoteness and potential isolation, the storms and ocean surges, the sheer size of the installations with their numerous stairways, ladders and oversea walkways, even the modes of transport to and from the workplace, all require a certain degree of alertness, physical mobility, co-ordination and stamina for the offshore worker. An OGUK (Off-shore) medical is done to confirm the offshore employee’s state of health ensuring that they are capable of working in an offshore oil and gas exploration and production environment.

OGUK medicals had been mandated for all individuals that are designated as offshore employees to ensure that they do not put themselves or others at undue risk by failing to meet appropriate fitness criteria. OGUK’s policy is to require all persons designated as offshore employees, seafarers, divers, etc., to be examined on a regular basis and classified as medically fit to work offshore. For that reason, every person working offshore must have a medical assessment at least every two years, depending on his or her age conducted  by an approved medical practitioner, in an OGUK approved medical center.

Aside from OGUK medicals, some companies might require additional services such as ERT Medicals for employees who are part of the ERT (emergency response team), Climber’s Medical for those who are working in heights or IR (Ionizing Radiation) Medicals for those who have significant exposure to Ionizing Radiation, due to work activities in the Nuclear Industry etc.

At MediSense Clinic, OGUK approved medical doctors are onboard to serve the OGUK medical requirements. The OGUK approved medical doctors have been serving OGUK medicals since 2011 and have been serving various esteemed local/international organizations for their OGUK medical needs on a regular basis. The doctors on board with MediSense Clinic is as well registered for issuing medical fitness certificate for candidates working in Norwegian Sector. Our doctors are as well registered and approved medical provider for conducting Bermuda medicals.

For any query on OGUK (offshore) medicals, contact the business development team at businessdevelopment@medisenseclinic.com or call 00971 4 3809803.

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