Dr. Laleh Khajehkarimoddini

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Dr Laleh has gained over 10 years of experience working as a Microbiologist, Head of the Laboratory, Managing Director, Chief Internal Auditor, and Researcher in Cedars – Aster Jebel Ali International Hospital. She has great teaching experience as an assistant professor at university.

She is looking forward to excelling as a Healthcare Management professional as a career progression. Her past roles have helped her build experience in clinical processes, public relations, budget, and financial analysis, as well as in Human Resources Management.

She completed her Bachelor of Microbiology, from Iran in 2006. Her Masters’ and Ph.D. were completed at the University of Pune, India in 2014.

She has excelled in every prior position, producing results and growth that have exceeded expectations. Her association with Medi Sense Clinic will add value to the laboratory services it intends to serve its clients.

Dr. Laleh joined Medi Sense Clinic as Clinical Laboratory Scientist and Laboratory Manager and is associated with Medi Sense Clinic since Jan 2022.