Dr. Poopea Rezaeian

Specialist Obstetrics And Gynecology

Dr. Poopea Rezaeian is a highly experienced Obstetrics and Gynecologist with a remarkable career spanning over a decade. With a profound dedication to women’s health, she has conducted over 2000 deliveries, encompassing both vaginal and cesarean births, along with numerous gynecological surgeries. Her exceptional expertise is evident in various fields of OB&Gynaecology, including but not limited to Hysteroscopy, Colposcopy, Cystectomy, Perinorrhaphy, Labiaplasty, and Hormone Therapy.

Throughout her career, Dr. Poopea has demonstrated exemplary patient care and surgical proficiency. She has effectively performed a wide array of surgeries for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological issues, ensuring a staggering 99% patient satisfaction rate. Her surgical repertoire includes exploratory laparotomy, dilation and curettage, oophorectomy, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, Cosmetic gynecological surgery and other intricate procedures.

Dr. Poopea’s commitment extends beyond surgical interventions. She meticulously examines patients, analyzes test results, and prescribes tailored treatment plans. Her compassionate approach, coupled with her adeptness in preventive care and urgent interventions, has earned her the trust and admiration of her patients.

Having worked in reputable medical institutions such as Farmanieh Intl. Hospital, Mehrad Intl. Hospital, and Gandhi Intl. Hotel Hospital in Tehran, Dr. Poopea has garnered extensive experience in managing diverse gynecological cases. She has a proven track record in handling high-risk pregnancies and managing postpartum hemorrhages with remarkable success.

Dr. Poopea is fluent in both English and Persian, facilitating seamless communication with her patients. In addition to her clinical duties, Dr. Poopea actively engages in academic and professional pursuits. She has participated in various courses and workshops, including Follicular Monitoring and Urogynecology courses by Minimally Invasive Surgery Research Center & Iran University of Medical Sciences. Moreover, she holds a professional diploma in aesthetic gynecology from ISAGSS & American Society of Cosmetic Research.

Dr. Poopea’s dedication to advancing women’s health transcends clinical practice. As a member of the Iranian Society of Gynecology and a former lecturer at Islamic Azad University, she actively contributes to educational initiatives and community outreach programs.

Dr. Poopea’s academic journey began at Shahid Beheshti Medical School, where she earned her M.D. degree. She continued her specialization in Gynecology & Obstetrics at Babol Medical School, where she also served as the Chief Resident.

With her wealth of experience, unwavering commitment to excellence, and compassionate patient care, Dr. Poopea Rezaeian continues to be a trusted healthcare provider for women in the UAE and beyond.