Corporate wellness program

The world of work is changing. People are aware of their needs and have a desire for work-life-balance. Instead of companies holding a firm upper hand, the ‘great resignation’ has shifted the focus to employee retention. According to a recent Hay’s survey, 56% of people in the UAE are expected to leave their current jobs in 2022.

For people managers tasked with employee retention and to keep people safe, happy, and healthy, are you aware of all the strategies available?

When thinking of options, I’m reminded of the cartoon where two guys are trying to push a cart on square wheels, while another man is standing with circular wheels saying he could help. The men knew better, so they refused the circular wheels. Many of us find ourselves in this situation, especially when we are focused on deadlines and targets.

As a trusted client, you are already aware of the value Occupational Health brings to your organisation. What might be new to you is that wellness, well-being and prevention are a part of Occupational Health practice and are distinct concepts that contribute to a successful workplace wellness strategy.

Today, with high rates of burnout, stress, and mental health concerns, having an Occupational Health and Well-being partner advising you is profitable. We understand physical and mental health problems, the workplace, and the job. We are therefore able to help create happier and healthier employees by bringing health and wellness under one umbrella governing workplace wellness, HSW (health, safety, and well-being) becomes streamlined under one vision for your company. This not only increases the productivity of employees, but it also serves as a value add for employee retention.

We at Medi Sense Clinic are proud to partner with Noor Corporate Health to bring you a fully comprehensive range of corporate wellness services. Through this collaboration, we bring workplace assessments into the realm of well-being while providing bespoke interventions that are streamlined into your workflow. Our strategy incorporates the vision of your company and your experience. Often, workplace wellness programs exclude these vital aspects.

We are excited to share that the power of this collaboration lies in our aim to:

  1. Raise the bar for preventative health and wellness,
  2. Be the best Occupational Health provider and
  3. Support you, so we can all be successful.

In simple terms referring to the cartoon mentioned above, we provide those circular wheels for you to move more effectively.

Scroll down to learn more about our ‘WE’ program and reach out to us to discuss how we can help. Let’s make a difference together!

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